Lean Manufacturing 5S Presentation

5S - Structured system and order

5S is a tool to create system and order in a company. At the same time 5S expresses the attitude in an organization towards structure and system. If 5S cannot be implemented successfully it will be difficult to implement other Lean-tools.

With 5S the work places, the floor, racks etc. are clearly marked. Every tool or part should have a "home". All other tools and parts are removed from the work place.

5S stands for

5S stands for:

  1. Sort: Sort work place in "in use" and "not in use".
  2. Set in order: Put items in system.
  3. Shine: Procedure for cleanliness.
  4. Standardize: Procedure for how to leave the workplace.
  5. Sustain: Ingraining into culture.


Results using 5S:

  • Improves ergonomics.
  • Improves safety – no disorder.
  • Improves quality – right tools for the right parts and processes.
  • Gives pride to the work place.
  • Easier to take over a work place from a colleague.
  • Reduces changeover times.
  • Gives a visible overview of the work place – tools, parts, fixtures etc.
  • Time spent on searching is reduced.
  • Reduces demand for space.
  • Improves productivity.

Free downloads

5S presentation incl. plan for a 5S event

5S practical audit form (Powerpoint)

5S simple audit form (Excel)

Download free notes for 5S sorting

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