Lean Manufacturing Flow Guidance/Presentation

What is flow?

Flow is the third principle in Lean.

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Flow is about making products, people and information flow as smoothly as possible.

In a traditional process layout there are many points of inventory and a lot of transportation and handling. This layout also demands more control, more planning and coordination and adds no value!

Flow is the most powerful tool to minimize waste in Lean!

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Key results with flow

Key results are:

  • Shortened throughput time and hence also a shorter lead time to customers.
  • Less need for inventory.
  • Less scrap – quality problems are discovered faster.
  • Improved cash flow.
  • The need for forecasts is decreased.

Free download

Download a presentation on how to implement flow in manufacturing

Contents of the 48 slides:

  • What is flow in a production?
  • Results with flow.
  • Typical reasons for bad flow.
  • Tools to create flow.
  • Practical examples of flow in the production.
  • Implementation of flow.
  • Related Lean tools.

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