Lean Manufacturing Implementation

It takes time to implement Lean. Lean can just be a project in a production area, but when we are really talking Lean we are refering to a fundamental change in the company culture. A new approach to customers and a more involved organization with focus on continuous improvements.

It takes 2-4 years to implement Lean depending on the size of the company. After 2-4 years the first significant results are visible. Remember that Lean will never finish. Lean constantly focuses on improvements as an integral part of the new company culture.

Tools in Lean Manufacturing

The most difficult discipline when implementing Lean is to select the right tools for the right situation. The ability to identify the right tools is crucial when implementing Lean.

Key elements when implementing Lean:

  • Focused management.
  • A good strategy.
  • The right and necessary resources.
  • Good change management.
  • The right tools.
  • The right training and education.
  • The right plan.

The above key elements may also be pitfalls - when things are not done right.

How to get started

First read more about Lean, either on this website or other websites, in books etc.

Many seminars and courses also focus on Lean. Unfortunately many of these events have more focus on networking (not that networking is bad) than on actual Lean training.

The most important step before implementing Lean is that you can relate the 5 principles of Lean to your company.

> Read more about the 5 principles   LINK

Download tools and presentations

On this website Lean tools and presentations can be downloaded. They are all ready to use!

> Read more about the tools in Lean Manufacturing   LINK

> Tools and presentations available at Flexkom   LINK

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