Lean Manufacturing Kaizen Presentation

Continuous improvements using Kaizen boards

Continuous improvements towards perfection

The fifth principle in Lean is about creating a culture of continuous improvements.

The term "Kaizen" is used for continuous improvements. Kaizen comes from Japanese and means "change for the better".

Results when using Kaizen boards

Results are:

  • Suggestions do not disappear in frustrations but are used to improve.
  • A limit to the number of improvement projects gives focus.
  • Improved motivation and ownership.
  • Better and faster implementation - people are committed.
  • A very cheap tool - significant results.
  • Reduction of costs.

Procedure for a Kaizen board

Free procedure for a board!

Powerpoint file

Can be changed!

Free download as A4 > LINK

Free download as Letter >  LINK

Free download of a Kaizen "Improvement boards" presentation

Contents of the 23 slides:

  • What is Kaizen?
  • Why use boards to carry out continuous improvements?
  • Results when using "Improvement boards".
  • How to ensure a successful implementation.
  • Example of an "Improvement board".
  • How to use the board.
  • Related Lean tools.

> Free download coming soon  LINK

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