Lean Manufacturing Waste Presentation

The 8 types of waste. When working with Lean there is focus on adding value and minimizing waste. No customers are willing to pay for activities that can be considered waste. Hence it must be minimized.
For many years there were 7 types of waste in Lean Manufacturing. But later some people have added up to 7 new types of waste, making a total of 14.
The normal 7 plus the most common 8th form of waste are presented below.

In Lean language the word "Muda" is used for waste.

  1. Overproduction
    Producing too much, too early and/or too fast.
  2. Transportation
    Unnecessary movement of people or parts between processes.
  3. Waiting time
    People or parts waiting for a work cycle to finish.
  4. Over processing
    Processing beyond the demand from the customers.
  5. Inventory
    Materials parked and not having value added to them.
  6. Rework
    Sorting, repetition or making scrap.
  7. Motion
    Unnecessary movement of people or parts within a process.
  8. Unexploited knowledge
    Failure when it comes to exploiting the knowledge and talent of the employees.

Presentation of the different types of waste in Lean

Contents of the 34 slides:

  • Introduction to the 8 types of waste.
  • Results by reducing waste.
  • Presentation of each type of waste - reason, consequence and tool to minimize.
  • Waste and implementation of Lean.
  • Related Lean tools

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