Lean Manufacturing Results

Possible results of implementing Lean Manufacturing.

Shorter delivery time

Flow in the production reduces the production lead time (throughput time) and thereby the customer service is dramatically improved.

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Improved delivery service

When implementing pull (order based production) the delivery service becomes more stabile. With pull order confirmations are based on stable and fast flow - and not on inventory based forecasts.

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Increased capacity

When using OEE to measure the loss factors on bottlenecks, it is possible to increase the utilization on bottlenecks dramatically. In this way the total capacity is increased.

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Increased productivity

The productivity will increase when the waste in the production is reduced. Nobody has to run faster as the increase in productivity is based on adding more value per man hour.

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Improved quality

With flow the time it takes to detect an error is reduced dramatically compared with the time it takes to run large batches.

Errors are detected much faster = less scrap and rework. At the same time flow reduces transportation and handling costs.

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Reduced inventory

The inventory is reduced dramatically when using flow and pull (including Kanban). Also reduced changeover times when using SMED, reduce both batch sizes and the number of goods in process.

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Increased flexibility

With reduced inventory, shorter throughput time and faster changeovers the flexibility to customers is dramatically improved.

Improved safety level

With less transportation and handling, fewer boxes and pallets and an improved system and order (5S), the safety level is improved.

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Improved ergonomics

Ergonomics are improved because of better organized work places and shorter distances when reaching for parts etc. Flow also reduces the number of necessary lifts.

Lean reduces a lot of handling and the time operators normally use to search for parts. These activities are to some extend healthy. Therefore it is important that the employees rotate between work places when working with Lean.

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Visual control

Lean creates visibility when it comes to problem solving, planning, flow, work places etc.
A very important principle in Lean is to "measure online". This means than any corrective actions can start before it is too late.

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Increased job satisfaction

When Lean is implemented with success it increases the job satisfaction because the employees are now involved in planning, problem solving and the way their work places are organized.

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Continuous improvements

Companies without continuous improvements are constantly losing ground to competitors.
A key element in Lean is to create a culture of continuous improvements.

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