Lean Manufacturing SMED Spreadsheet

SMED - Reduction of changeover times

Reduction of changeover times when using SMED

SMED is a tool to reduce changeover times on machines and other resources in a production.

All changeovers can be reduced to a single minute

SMED is an abbreviation of "Single Minute Exchange of Die". This means that all changeovers can be reduced to less than 10 minutes!

Advantages when using SMED on bottlenecks

Advantages are:

  • Systematic and still a simple tool to reduce changeover times.
  • Reduction of changeover times is often used to improve the utilization of a machine. Remember that an improvement of the utilization at a bottleneck by 10% - increases the capacity in a value stream by 10%!
  • Results are achieved very fast!

View demo to see how the free spreadsheet works

> View demo LINK

Download a free SMED tool as a spreadsheet

The spreadsheet includes:

  • Introduction to SMED.
  • Where to use SMED.
  • SMED process.
  • Form to map a changeover (incl. an example).
  • Form to structure improvements (incl. an example).
  • Graph to show reduction of changeover times (incl. an example).

> Download LINK

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