Lean Manufacturing Tools

The goal in Lean Manufacturing is to deliver the value requested by the customers using the fewest possible resources. The method to reduce the necessary resources is to create flow, produce based on orders (pull) and continuously remove waste (activities that do not add value to the customers).

The 5 principles

Lean Manufacturing covers a major toolbox used to optimize production. All tools support the 5 basic principles in Lean.

> Read more about the 5 principles in Lean  LINK

The toolbox

Because there are so many Lean tools in the toolbox it is a difficult challenge to choose the right tools and not start using more tools than the resources can handle.

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Results when using Lean Manufacturing

The implementation of Lean Manufacturing can lead to significant results in a production.

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Lean is about eliminating waste

There are 8 types of waste in Lean. The goal is to reduce the waste in the value stream.

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Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

Download a presentation of Lean Manufacturing and the most important tools.

Read more about the introduction to Lean Manufacturing > LINK

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