Lean Thinking Presentation

The term "Lean Thinking" is the overall name for the Lean philosophy. Lean is about delivering the value requested by the customers using the fewest possible resources. Therefore Lean leads to a focus on "value to customers" in all internal and external processes in a company. When the value has been defined the organization should strive to eliminate/minimize waste in all processes of the value stream.

The 5 basic principles in Lean Thinking:

  • Define the value demanded by the customers.
  • Define the value stream that creates the value.
  • Create flow in the value stream.
  • Create pull (based on orders).
  • Continuous improvements.

Results when working the Lean way:

  • A Lean company will gain significant results, both financially, competitively and in the working environment.
  • Because Lean is a permanent change, the results are visible every year.
  • At the same time the continuous search for improvement ensures that the company never rests on its laurels.

Read about the possible results when implementing Lean Manufacturing > (LINK)

Download a presentation of Lean Thinking

Download a free presentation of Lean Thinking.

Contents of the 31 slides:

  • What is Lean Thinking?
  • Detailed presentation of the 5 basic principles.
  • The Lean tools for each principle.
  • Why implement Lean?
  • Results of implementing Lean.
  • Good advice and pitfalls when implementing Lean.
  • Links to related Lean tools.


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